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The GFH™ TV Season 2 – Full Episode 6

Jan 11, 2023 | Uncategorized

The True Meaning of Resilience, Combating Loneliness In Your Middle Years and Changing the Narrative on Menopause

Welcome to our 6th and final episode of Season two of the Girlfriend Hour! Gather your girlfriends and sit back for another fully charged episode.

First up we hear from the inspirational Nikki Creber, coach, mentor and guide, helping men and women find courage and strength to live their best lives.

We have a giggle with comedian Bianca Zouppas, aka the Real Wog Wife of Brisbane.

We talk through the challenges of making new friends in your forties and fifties, and the gorgeous Shelly Horton, TV presenter extraordinaire and founder of Shell Shocked media production company takes a peek behind the peri-menopause curtain with us and how we can change the narrative around menopause. Amen to that! 

A Heartfelt thank you to all for supporting another Season of our show. Our mission is to instill hope, rekindle love and spark passion in all those who are ready to create an impact in their lives.

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