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The GFH™ TV Season 2 – Full Episode 2

Oct 24, 2022 | Uncategorized

Financial Fitness & Nurturing Women’s Mental Health!

Grab your posse, pour out a glass of your fave bubbles and get comfy for another packed episode of the Girlfriend Hour.

This ep we meet the talented Kathryn Morrow, Founder & Owner of KGM Nutrition. Her passion is helping women feel incredible in their own skin, and she’s not only built a trusted program to help women find their health groove, but she’s also now offering the opportunity for other women to coach her program through a scaled nutrition education program!

We discover how to develop an athlete’s mindset with Brooke Hanson, Olympic gold medalist, TV presenter, author, mother and motivational speaker. We get deep discussing Women’s mental health and the true meaning of self-care.

We get creative with the amazing Lisa Pollock, Artist and Homewares business owner, and finally, we talk financial fitness with Amanda Thompson of Endurance Financial – get ready to flex some serious money muscles, this is a session you do not want to miss!

The Girlfriend Hour™ TV podcast is now available on your favourite podcast platforms. Listen to this episode on Spotify!

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