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The GFH™ TV Season 1 – Full Episode 6

Sep 19, 2022 | Uncategorized

In this episode, we meet the wonderful Savannah Falzon, founder of Retirement Care Solutions, a wonderful service that helps transition the elderly into aged care facilities. This can be an incredibly challenging transition for individuals and their families and Savannah’s experience helps guide families through this process, with ease and grace.

We also hear from Leanne Kanzler who through her own experience has learned how challenging recovering from a marriage breakup can be. She has built another fantastic service, helping couples rebuild their lives post breakdown.

We welcome to the couch the amazing Bridget Foliaki-Davis – Celebrity Chef, author, business owner, and absolute inspiration. Bridget has taken her passion for health and wellbeing, and great food to a scaled service to help others find their best versions of themselves through Bridget’s Healthy Kitchen.

And finally, we meet the very clever Naz de Bono, Founder of Xali a wellness program with a twist – Xali, is a training, and dietary program that caters to women going through biological changes.

This final episode of our first Girlfriend Hour will not disappoint! Grab your girlfriends get cozy, and tune in now!

The Girlfriend Hour™ TV podcast is now available on your favourite podcast platforms. Listen to this episode on Spotify!

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