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The GFH™ TV Season 1 – Full Episode 5

Sep 5, 2022 | Uncategorized

Episode 5 is here! Strap yourselves in and pour out a glass of wine.

In today’s episode, we tackle some big topics We talk finance fitness with the incredible Genene Wilson. Here is someone I wish I knew in my twenties! Genene shares her wisdom in financial wellness for women. Whilst we’re certainly having the right conversations around the gender pay gap – the truth is we’re just not there yet, which means, we’re still earning less than our male counterparts, but also – we have less money saved up in super to retire with. Genene gets real with us about how we, as women can get financially fit.

We are also joined by the fantastic Jacqui Scougall – Jacqui is a transformational strategist. We hear how Jacqui has overcome imposter syndrome during her time serving in the defence force. The transformations she’s enabled in her own life and how she’s helping others lean into their purpose and vision to find happiness.

We are also inspired by the presence of the infectious, Julie Cross. Julie is a motivational speaker, storyteller, author, mother and workshop facilitator and podcast host! Her energy is effervescent, so much so that her nickname is sparkles.

And finally, we hear from Angelique Woodburn founder and owner of The Midnight Gang. Angelique is Mum to 3 beautiful kids and shares how she got started with her genius bed-wetting solution.

This ep is sure to inspire! Best enjoyed with your closest girl gang.

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