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The GFH™ TV S2Ep1 – D&M and Flower Garden

Oct 18, 2022 | Uncategorized

Today I wanted to get your thoughts and perspectives on identifying and coping with burnout. We take on so much in our day-to-day, and we often ignore the signs of burnout or assume that a simple walk in nature or time out with a glass of wine will do the trick. But sometimes, addressing burnout takes a bit more TLC than a one-off solution. Peeling back the layers and getting real and raw on some big topics. Well, that’s what this next segment is all about.

The D&M! Join Shar, along with Kim Yabsley and Michelle Flowers as they talk about burnout!

The Girlfriend Hour TV podcast is now available on your favourite podcast platforms. Listen to this episode on Spotify!

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