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The GFH™ TV S1Ep5 – D&M plus Flower Garden

Sep 11, 2022 | Uncategorized

Girlfriends, next up is one of my favourite segments – The D&M. As the name suggests, this is where I invite our two guests to get real deep and meaningful with me. I just love talking through my challenges and hearing from others about how they approach situations differently to me. It’s the best way to learn and grow. And unfortunately, often topics that are of interest to women of a certain age aren’t really surfaced through popular media channels. But we do things differently on the Girlfriend Hour. We like to keep it real!

Today I’d love to chat about a topic close to my heart. Competition versus collaboration. Why are there so many women who would prefer to compete rather than collaborate in our pursuit of success? We are not each other’s enemy, there is enough pie for everyone, right? Or am I? Let’s find out what our guests think.

The Girlfriend Hour TV podcast is now available on your favourite podcast platforms. Listen to this episode on Spotify!

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